I had a dream of studying technical subject since my childhood. After SEE, I got a wonderful opportunity to study Diploma in Forestry in this prestigious college. I have been receiving an excellent environment to study and I firmly believe that this is the best college for those who wish to study technical subject. From this year, the college is adding various other courses making it an important destination for many students. 

Sundevi Sarki Diploma in Forestry (First Year)

Initially during my admission to this college, I wasn’t highly excited about it as it was in its first year of operation. However, now, after a year, I am glad that I have chosen an appropriate college for my studies. Along with highly qualified teachers, the college has an excellent environment to study. Since today’s age is of technology, I strongly recommend the upcoming SEE graduates to be a part of this college. 

Rishiraj Acharya Diploma in Forestry (First Year)